There exists many greater detailed accounts of Jacobs’s life and work than you will receive here. Thus do I note only a few of his accomplishments worth remembering.

William Wymark Jacobs wrote the majority of his stories for the stage and

held to a keen sense of wit with much of his writing. “The Monkey’s Paw” was therefore a –ehem- dramatic step away from his previous leanings, which made it all the more remarkable that he would strike so incredible a stroke in his dalliance with the macabre. “The Monkey’s Paw” was published in 1902 and has been read and appreciated by millions since then.  

Jacobs was a relatively prolific author who lived during a period of time that I am beginning to become quite fond of, 1885-1943. Admittedly I would not actually choose living through those tumultuous times if pressed, but it seems that there was a level of restraint, even gentlemanliness, to life that we no longer champion.