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posted Nov 4, 2012, 7:05 AM by Miles Morris
Oh I know that wallpapers haven't been in for some time but this is a different kind of wallpaper entirely. I've got Charlotte Perkins Gilman's short story classic "The Yellow Wallpaper" on the brain. I'll be issuing an edited version in 2013. I'm shooting for late December or early January. As usual, I'll be adding some words to the text in order to have it tie more easily to my companion story. This one is going to be a prequel.

How in the world can I possibly work in a story to "The Yellow Wallpaper", which is so cleverly and tightly written as to be a self-contained gem? THAT you'll have to discover for yourself when I release that story in late 2013. There's no working title as yet or cover, but the story is PLOTTED in it's entirety.

Keep checking in to  for updates. I'm working to upload some teaser pictures and tidbits in the next week or two.