Editor for Hire

Attention all writers looking to self-publish.

It's critical to have an experienced editor review your work prior to publication.

One of the single biggest mistakes you can do when opting to publish yourself is to not have it professionally reviewed by an editor. Every error in your work is a distraction to the reader; have too many and they quickly undermine the merits of your work. It takes just one poor review to lose many potential sales. This is something that is easy to avoid and cost-feasible.

So, if you're looking to publish something soon or have a work in progress and are wondering if it's headed in the right direction, then consider reaching out to Ms. Patricia Arrowsmith. Ms. Arrowsmith is a freelance editor with several years of experience. (I recently entrusted her to review my most recent book.) Ms. Arrowsmith edits at extremely reasonable rates and generally works on a per page basis. Unlike many other professional editors, she doesn't tack on additional fees when offering advice on word choice, sentence structures, time-lines, etc. With Ms. Arrowsmith, you receive far more than you pay for.

Think on this. You can have a truly remarkable story on your hands, but many are going to never find out if you put out something riddled with errors. The critical reviews will mount and sales will sink, if they ever got started. In an age of thousands of free books, buyers are adverse to paying for books with bad reviews!

Contact Ms. Arrowsmith at arrowsmith37@yahoo.com.